GAB Quality Policy
  • To meet the customer assembly and manufacturing requirements 100% of the time. To deliver the products on time every time. To provide immediate response to any customer inquiries. We at GAB aim to achieve customer satisfaction and to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements. We are committed to meeting the objectives and goals of this policy. We continually improve in the attainment of these objectives.
  • All procedures and activities are conducted in light of the policy objectives and goals.

Quality Inspection at GAB

  • GAB uses mantis x2-x10 microscopes.
  • Quality checking performed on all PCBs, including those with fine pitch components.
  • Part of GAB ís commitment to Continual Improvement.
  In-house Testing at GAB
  • GAB has procedures in place to handle most functional testing of PCBs.
  • Check-sum in-circuit testing performed as required.

Standards of Excellence
  • GAB maintains IPC-A-610C industry standards.
  • GAB is committed to offering our customers the highest level of service.
  • GAB adheres to the Ansi standard S20.20 for electro-static discharge control.






























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